December 31, 2007

Our Last Day of Buying New

Today was our last day of buying anything new for a year. It felt like the day before starting a diet where you have to get it all in before restricting yourself. Our shopping today wasn't, however, purely indulgent. We had gift cards to use up! We...
  • - Used Gianna's Walmart gift card...she bought a doll, a play cell phone, Chutes and Ladders and a Cinderella crown...all new.
  • - Used the Kohls gift cards we were given for Christmas for clothes...all new.
  • - Used a Gap gift certificate for clothes for Doug...all new.
  • - Bought re-chargeable batteries.
In honor of our 12 month commitment, I bought this brand spankin' new t-shirt. I love it. It even has sparkles...

December 30, 2007

The 12 Month Compact

Deep Breath...

Doug and I have decided to not buy anything new in 2008.

Our pledge:
  • We commit to not buy new for 12 months, beginning January 1, 2008.
  • We have decided to join the compact because we want to go one step further on our journey to simplicity; we would like to make our "ecological footprint" smaller and; we want to see what will happen in our nuclear family when we are forced to find joy in things that are not material.
  • Our plan includes shopping at second-hand stores, borrowing, bartering, and just not buying.  We also want to learn to buy locally.  
  • Books that Doug needs for ministry purposes that can't be borrowed or found used.
  • Fabric for Etsy skirts (I will try to use recycled fabric when possible).
  • Hand-made items that support crafters and artists.
  • Underwear, socks, shoes
The kids aren't thrilled.  I am guessing that by the end of the year, they will love it.  What a great opportunity for creativity, right?  

Since I'm brand new to blogging, I need to stop here...I'm tired.

(A few months ago, I said I'd never have a much for that!)

For more information on the compact, look here.