November 13, 2010

I just walked into the kitchen to get a drink of water. I put ice in my cup and went for the water cooler. When I realized it was empty, I groaned. Now I have to go out into the garage to bring a new bottle of water in. After I groaned I immediately thought, "Did I just groan about having to walk a few yards out to the garage to bring in my filtered sparkling water a few yard into the house? Wow.

Today at 11:00 we met a group of 33 wonderful people with empty water jugs in hand to walk 3.5 miles to Sonic Burger to fill up our jugs and walk back. We did this to simulate the walk the people of the Bugiri village take once or twice a day to get diseased dirty water for their village. It was great to walk and talk and get just a tiny feel for what it must be like. Well, not really. I mean we chose to do this walk ONE day. And, we had drinking water with us. And, we did it on a beautiful sunny day with a high of 70 degrees.

I know I am still not even close to understanding the life of our Bugiri brothers and sisters, but I do know that I have a greater sense of urgency after today's walk.

Doug had a great idea! He said I should post on my FB asking for just $1 for the well from anyone willing to give. I love this idea because almost everyone will give a dollar! He also had the idea to live in a raised crane until the money is raised. Hmmm....hopefully the "Dollar for a well" idea will work before he moves into a crane.

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